Profound and persistent racial inequities, disparities, and injustices

compromise millions of lives every day.

Action for Racial Justice participants create team plans together for meaningful actions, based on their discussions of historic and current effects of racism on social, economic, and government practices and policies.

How Does

The Program Work?

The program focuses on critical issues such as voting rights, policing and criminal justice, and reparations.

After attending an engaging online orientation session and reading powerful background materials, participants join small working groups (of 6 to 8 individuals) called pods.  Led by trained facilitators, pods meet virtually to learn together and work together to advance racial equity and correct policies that have racially unjust results.

ARJ provides participants with resources and materials to advance learning and conversation, and offers an online toolkit to help guide action.

What are the


  • Recognizing historical and current effects of racism across social economic and government practices and policies
  • Identifying alternatives to unjust systems and policies and understanding ways to create change 
  • Building community and relationships with fellow participants
  • Putting meaningful pressure on decision makers to correct unjust policies

Who is this

Program Designed For?

Anyone of any racial background who wants to confront and dismantle systemic racism and is willing to work cooperatively with others to learn, grow, and take meaningful action.

What is the

Time Commitment?

Fighting systemic racism energetically (which is the only way it can be truly fought) requires some time and effort. Beyond reading introductory materials (about two hours) and the initial orientation session (about two hours), participants should be prepared to meet with their pods for 90 minutes each month and expect to spend a similar amount of time in advocacy outside of the pod meetings.

What is the


An optional donation of $25 is requested to subsidize program costs.  Those who are not currently in a position to make this donation can click past it. Those in a position to do so are welcome to support the expansion of this work with an additional voluntary donation.

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How Do I Sign Up?